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To ensure your experience owning an Alfa Romeo is rewarding, you know how important it is to service your car properly. Maintaining your Alfa Romeo’s ability to perform is part of what makes owning an Alfa such a rewarding experience. At AutoImports of Denver, we understand how much you love your Alfa Romeo and how essential it is to provide your car with high-quality services and maintenance.

We possess 35 years of industry expertise in repairing and servicing Alfa Romeo vehicles. Our mechanics leave no stone unturned in making maintenance of your Alfa Romeo easier and mitigating any issues that cause inconvenience. Discover the difference we can make by caring for your Alfa Romeo like a baby.

We Take Care of all Minor & Major Issues in your Alfa Romeo

Our 360° Alfa Romeo repair services include everything from oil checks to transmission repairs.

One of the most crucial aspects of being a professional car mechanic is identifying the minutest of car issues. When you bring your Alfa Romeo to our shop, we run a comprehensive diagnostics test to trace all current issues in your car, along with hidden problems that may arise in the near future. Our commitment to honesty and transparency means that we only start working on your precious ride once we’ve notified you of all the problems.

Our Alfa Romeo services include:

Housing ASE Certified Alfa Romeo Mechanics

Alfa Romeo cars are unique and built differently from other cars. Being one of the foremost luxury car brands, your Alfa Romeo deserves a special touch when it comes to its maintenance and repair.

At AutoImports of Denver, we have the most experienced mechanics who are well-equipped and skillful with Alfa Romeo cars. They offer services that align with you and your car’s needs. Being Alfa Romeo specialists, we’re well qualified to address all issues in your car and make it more efficient on the road.

We have everything at our facility to keep your Aston Martin in prime health and shape.

Why Choose Us?

European car specialists for three decades and counting.

  • 35 years of experience in Alfa Romeo repair and service
  • ASE Certified mechanics
  • Original parts and factory-grade equipment
  • 38,000 miles/38 month warranty

The Satisfaction of Driving Many Happy Miles

Benefit from our industry-leading Warranty.

AutoImports of Denver is your single-stop solution for all Alfa Romeo repair and services. Our certified technicians run precise diagnostics, enabling us to accurately estimate the time and money required to service your Alfa Romeo. In addition, you’ll always be in the loop as we work tirelessly to deliver outstanding services within the deadline.

Apart from this, you get the benefit of our 38,000 miles/38-month warranty on all service and repairs. So, drive many happy miles with your Alfa Romeo with peace of mind and assurance of quality.

The Best Alfa Romeo Repair & Service Center in Denver, CO

Drive your Alfa Romeo confidently.

If you’re looking for high-quality Alfa Romeo repair near me, look no further than AutoImports of Denver.

We have gained a profound reputation as the premiere Alfa Romeo repair and service center in Denver. We serve customers throughout Denver and surrounding areas like Englewood, Highland Ranch, Lakewood, and Littleton.

Opt for AutoImports of Denver for high-quality care and maintenance of your European cars, including Alfa Romeo.


To maintain your Alfa Romeo in top shape regular maintenance is required. We advise sticking to the suggested maintenance schedule. Service intervals should be set at the earliest of once a year or every 10,000 kilometers.

You may take your Alfa Romeo wherever you choose, but it’s crucial to find one with a good reputation & plenty of expertise working on Italian sports cars.

Because of their one-of-a-kind design & features, Alfa Romeo automobiles need particular skill & equipment. Taking your automobile to AutoImports of Denver, who are specialists in working on Alfa Romeos, will guarantee that it gets the attention it needs.

Changing the oil in your Alfa Romeo on a regular basis is essential if you want to keep it running smoothly. Oil changes are recommended every 5000 miles, or every six months, for most vehicles.

This timetable may change depending on a number of circumstances, including the driver’s habits & the age of the vehicle. To find out when you should replace your oil, go to your owner’s handbook or contact AutoImports of Denver technician.

Alfa Romeo components are often more costly than those for more affordable makes & models. However, if you want your Alfa Romeo to run smoothly & last as long as possible, you need to spend the money on authentic Alfa Romeo components. Genuine Alfa Romeo components are engineered to precise specifications for your vehicle & rigorously tested to ensure they perform to expectations.

While simple maintenance activities like checking the tire pressure & topping up fluids may be done by the owners themselves, more involved repairs & services should be left to experts. It’s risky & expensive to try to fix anything that requires specialized expertise & equipment without first acquiring that knowledge & equipment.

The length of time needed to fix an Alfa Romeo is variable, depending on the nature of the problem & the accessibility of replacement components. It usually just takes a few hours to finish up any minor maintenance or repairs. Replacements or repairs that need more time or effort may take longer.

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