Here at AutoImports of Denver we have done some serious thinking about how we can better serve you, and what we came up with is one of the best warranties in the business! We have extended our PARTS and LABOR WARRANTY to 36 thousand miles, 36 months (whichever comes first). Now, as far as we know (after shopping the competition), this is possibly the best warranty out there. We are so confident in our technicians and the components that we install on your vehicle that we are going to back it up.

In the case that you may be past the warranty a little bit, you will not hear “oh sorry that part/job is not covered any longer”. In ALL cases we will involve the parts distributor, the technician, and the shop manager to see what can be done to handle the situation. We hope that this will help you when deciding where to take your investment for repair and service. Please understand when we tell you “NO QUESTIONS, NO HASSLE” that is what we mean. In the long run, our hope is to not have to utilize this warranty, however on the occasion that we do — we will!