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Stepping inside a Bentley for the first time is a dreamy experience for every car lover. The power and luxury of the vehicle make you long for that first-time experience every time you take your Bentley for a drive. At AutoImports of Denver, our factory-trained mechanics are passionate about maintaining your Bentley in showroom-perfect condition, just as you saw it and felt driving it for the first time. 

Whether it’s scheduled servicing or a premium repair, our three decades of experience ensure you remain a happy Bentley driver satisfied with our services.

We’re located in Denver, Colorado, and we serve nearby areas like Englewood, Highland Ranch, Lakewood, and Littleton. AutoImports of Denver has the expertise to see through whatever your Bentley demands.

Premium Bentley Services

The best Bentley repair and servicing by certified mechanics in Denver.

The cornerstone of keeping your Bentley at its best is ensuring high-quality servicing without affecting the warranty. At AutoImports of Denver, we carry out all Bentley repairs and services strictly according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Our Bentley services include:

  • Engine, Transmission, & Electrical Systems Diagnostics

Our Bentley mechanics monitor and improve all engine and performance issues in your Bentley. We can accurately identify any issue with your car’s engine, transmission, or electrical systems.

  • Electrical System Repairs

From ignition to motor tuning, all aspects of your Bentley electrical system repairs are covered at AutoImports of Denver.

  • A/C Service & Repair

We’re equipped with the latest machinery and tools to accurately repair, service, or clean your Bentley’s air conditioning unit.

  • Genuine & OEM Brake System Services & Repairs

Our brake services include replacing brake pads, refreshing brake fluid, replacing your brake system, and providing ABS repair and servicing.

  • Suspension Repair

The Bentley suspension repair services at AutoImports of Denver include suspension repairs and steering system maintenance, like steering rack and box, air bag suspension, and more.

  • Clutch Repairs

The clutch is an essential part of your vehicle which can become worn out in time, causing a potential risk to your safety. We can repair and replace your clutch without damaging the gearbox.

  • Exhaust System and Muffler Services

We can replace, tune, and modify all types of exhaust systems with genuine and OEM parts.

  • Bentley Repairs

We can also undertake all kinds of Bentley repair and servicing, including alignment, cooling system, drive shaft & axle service, fuel system services, tire services, and pre-purchase inspections.

The Guarantee of Perfection

An industry-leading Warranty to keep you driving many miles.

Many Bentley drivers in Denver bring their cars to our garage to maintain their European machines. That is because they trust in our services more than mere words or empty promises. We offer 38,000 miles or a 38-month warranty (whichever is earlier) to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our comprehensive warranty period extends to Bentley and all services and repairs done on any vehicle. This means that once we perform servicing or repair on your Bentley, you can bring it back for free replacement and repair of any part that is covered under the warranty.

Our Bentley Mechanics give your Car the Care it Deserves

From scheduled servicing and oil changes to complex transmission and engine repairs, we can get your Bentley back on the road with superior performance.

At AutoImports of Denver, we’re passionate about your unique relationship with your luxury car. Our specialist Bentley mechanics are factory-trained and know European cars inside out. With over 35 years of experience in Bentley repairs and maintenance, you get a high standard of service that you won’t find elsewhere in Denver.

We have seasoned knowledge, profound expertise, and the latest equipment to work on any model of Bentley and maintain it in the best possible condition. We keep abreast with the ever-evolving automobile industry to provide top-notch services to Bentley owners in Denver.

Bentley Specialists in Denver, CO

We ensure the long-term performance and safety of your Bentley.

Whether you visit AutoImports of Denver for routine servicing or unexpected repairs, our comprehensive diagnostics can identify any electrical or mechanical issue in your Bentley, and we use genuine parts to resolve them. The better service of your Bentley starts with better-qualified professionals.

Our reputation precedes us in Denver and nearby areas like:


Highlands Ranch



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Finding a reliable & skilled car repair business that specializes in luxury European automobiles is essential when you need your Bentley fixed. Find mechanics that have been trained & qualified to work on Bentleys. Contact AutoImports of Denver today!
Maintaining a smooth Bentley requires regular maintenance. Vehicles should be maintained annually or every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. The age & make of your Bentley will determine its unique suggestions.
Technically, you could take your Bentley to any technician, but you should really take it to someone who specializes in Bentleys & understands their specific demands & requirements. Experts at AutoImports of Denver are equipped with the knowledge & skills to properly diagnose & repair your Bentley.
The price of Bentley repairs & maintenance may range widely from one model to the next. If you want an accurate quote, it’s advisable to call AutoImports of Denver. Remember that preemptive maintenance might save money on costly fixes later on.
Replacement components for Bentley cars are made to the same exacting standards as the original equipment. Genuine Bentley parts are designed to fit your vehicle perfectly plus ensure optimal performance & longevity.
The time frame for repairs will be determined by the kind & severity of the damage. It might take a few hours to do certain repairs & several days for others. You can get an idea of how long your repair will take by contacting AutoImports of Denver.

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