Chris and his team did an amazing engine replacement.

I was happy to find Auto Imports 3 years ago when I found out I needed to replace my whole engine. According to McDonald Audi my engine block was cracked and I needed to replace the engine with new. The price was a staggering 8500.00. It was not worth it to me considering I still owed money on the car. Luckily, after months without a vehicle I found Auto Imports. Chris the owner offered me solutions that made sense and were extremely cost-effective compared to McDonald Audi. Chris and his team did an amazing engine replacement procedure. I did have to return a few times after but it was only for minor adjustments that is common with a huge repair. I can vouch for Chris and say that as of today he has always made things right. His latest improvements that I have noticed are more auto technicians for a quicker turn around.

Santiago Robles, 2005 Audi Quattro