BMW HVAC Blower Not WorkingBMWs are internationally known for their unrivaled value, superior design, and performance- and their extensive service plans. Frequent care and maintenance are a worthwhile part of the overall experience of driving a European automobile like the BMW.

When something goes wrong in your BMW, you want to make sure that your auto technician knows everything about your vehicle and the most up to date technology and equipment for servicing your BMW. When you partner with a certified and exceptionally knowledgeable BMW auto technician, you are ensuring that your investment is well covered.

The HVAC system, otherwise known as the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system in your BMW is one of the most important components in a well-running vehicle. It’s nearly impossible to enjoy the drive in your stylish BMW if the interior temperature is not also up to the highest standards of comfort.

One major part of the HVAC system is the blower, powered by the blower motor. This motor has a specific piece of equipment known as the blower motor resistor. This essential part of the system is charged with maintaining the proper speed at which the air is driven through the blower motor to the vents of the interior of the automobile. One can easily imagine the inconvenience and damage that could result from a faulty blower in your BMW’s HVAC system.

How to Ensure your BMW HVAC Blower is working properly

Several common issues that can occur with your HVAC blower include coolant leaking or radiator failure. Fortunately, these warning signs are easily detectable and fixed by a certified and trained auto technician.

If you notice that the fans in your vehicle are not functioning properly, take your BMW to an expert technician and have them check the blower in the HVAC system. When your HVAC seems to only work at one speed and you are unable to adjust it, this is a similar warning sign of a broken HVAC blower and should be checked out immediately by your expert BMW auto technician.

Trust the BMW HVAC Experts at Auto Imports of Denver

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