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I was happy to find Auto Imports 3 years ago when I found out I needed to replace my whole engine. According to McDonald Audi my engine block was cracked and I needed to replace the engine with new. The price was a staggering 8500.00. It was not worth it to me considering I still owed money on the car. Luckily, after months without a vehicle I found Auto Imports. Chris the owner offered me solutions that made sense and were extremely cost affective compared to McDonald Audi. Chris and his team did an amazing engine replacement procedure. I did have to return a few times after but it was only for minor adjustments that is common with a huge repair. I can vouch for Chris and say that as of today he has always made things right. His latest improvements that I have noticed are more auto technicians for a quicker turn around.

-Santiago Robles, 2005 Audi Quattro

im an owner of 325 bmw 2001 ,and i looked up this place online coz a lot of workshops dont fix old modles of bmw ,this place was able to tell me everything i need about my car ,they were very trust worthy and they answerd all my questions,even if im not there and they didnt have a quick answer they were always returend my calls with the best answers ,ive been using this workshop for over a year and im extremly happy with the service and the staff ,i highly recommend it if you owe any german made car.

-Bill, 2001 BMW 325i

I have been driving a classic 1991 BMW for over 8 years. When I discovered Auto Imports, I realized that my old mechanic overlooked many details that I was totally unaware of. Steve is extremely thorough and has explained and showed me every detail that has been fixed on my car. He works only on BMW’S. Knows them inside out.The quality is excellent and so is the customer service!

-Sandy Kerr, 1991 BMW convertible

Went to a local BMW dealer for a substantial amount of work. They recommended $11k worth of work, the cost of a new car. Came to AutoImports, they indicated I only needed a fraction of the work at a substantially lower amount. AutoImports has a new customer for as long as I have a BMW.


I was referred to AutoImports by my father. I’m thrilled that I found them. Chris, the owner, has been nothing but courteous, thorough, and guarantees all his work. I am very particular about my BMW and AutoImports meets my expectations. I have been using AutoImports for several years now; and their work has stood the test of time. I’m grateful I found them!  I feel safe driving my BMW325xi when I know they are the ones who did the work.

-Amy A., Littleton, Colorado

I am so proud to say that I take my BMW325i to AutoImports! The experience is a great one! The courtesy, warmth and dedication that you receive, from the minute you drop off your car, to the moment you pick it up, is definitely one I have not received from an automotive organization in the past. It is a great feeling to know that they will be honest with me and inform me up front of any and all issues. Never any surprises when I pick up my car. I definitely recognize excellent customer service and knowledge when I see it. I love the fact that whenever I take my car in there, even if it is just for an oil change, they have a check list with 40 items that they go over.This experience is what keeps me coming back and makes me a lifetime customer.

Thank you for servicing my BMW325i. Your attention to detail and attitude are truly superb! Now I see why you say you are the dealership alternative. I feel like I go to a high end dealer, only without the snobby atmosphere, attitude and in some cases more knowledgeable. I will definitely be a customer for life!

-Jessica L.

I have been taking my BMW to AutoImports for years now, and consistently have had a great experience. Chris is always professional and courteous, from the moment I call to make an appointment, to the moment I pick up my car! The knowledge and experience that Chris and his staff possess, makes me comfortable leaving my car with AutoImports each and every time! They are very patient with me, and they always explain any issues that I might have, in a manner that I can understand. He is honest and explains all options to me up front. I am so happy that I stumbled upon this shop, and I continue to refer them to my friends. I’ve never felt compelled to go elsewhere.


This place is excellent! My service and follow-up were great as well.  I recommend this place.

-Shon Leyton